Read all about the amazing Galactic story in Virgin Books' new publication 'Destination Space', which features Virgin Galactic.

Award winning writer Kenny Kemp, goes in search of the story behind the first commercial space flight, discovering the major players in the race and the science, business and politics behind this incredible breakthrough. At the centre of the story are the paying passenger astronauts who have demonstrated their passion and commitment to the project.

The book sells in the UK for £12.99 but Virgin Books has the book on offer right now through Amazon for £7.79. If you'd like to share our experiences since Sir Richard Branson launched Virgin Galactic in September 2004, order your copy today!

Unfortunately the book is only released in the US on 29th May but it's available for pre-order at US$11.66 reduced from $14.95. Details on when this publication can be purchased in other countries will follow shortly.

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