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The Beacon

And then... there were none.
We breathe
we scream
we hope
we dream sometimes
we find there's nothing left to hold...
on the empty spaces in the in-between
There is no shield the heart can prepare strong enough to guard against the hole...
that words can tear
we laugh
we cry
we lose,
we sigh,
we love,
we learn,
we crash,
we burn...
sometimes we find we're so afraid...
of running out of time that fear replaces hope and we're...
still standing here...
twisted up inside wasting life away
when we should take the final step to cross that line
and find our way frozen in a teardrop
waiting to be shed pent-up passion like unmoving lifeblood refusing...
to be bled Holding back,
when we should let go wasting time,
when we should let that person know...
That there is no time to save up for another day...
There is only now and i am here and for your love..
there is no price that i would not pay
what are you willing to forsake
what does your heart lead you to keep
if you should go ahead and take this risk anyway?
i'm awake for you although i sleep,
for in my dreams,
you bleed such perfect colors through my grey

may the force be with you
Copyright © Demetrios the Traveler

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