Hamilton a new legend?

Lewis Hamilton proved that he’s the man by taking his maiden victory in the Canadian Grand Prix on Sunday. The safety cars didn’t make it easy for him, but he remained faultless and dominant. As for the other drivers…

Robert Kubica - Thank God he’s ok! I said a lot in the previous post about
Kubica’s crash, but we all just wish him a speedy recovery!

Fernando Alonso - What a silly drive. The penalty for pitting while the pits were closed was unavoidable as he was almost out of fuel, but the many off-track excursions were ridiculous. This is his worst drive in years. Bahrain was bad, but at least he did the best he could with a car that wasn’t to his liking.. But today he stuffed up in a car in which he could go very fast in on the hard tyre.

Takuma Sato - Wow In many ways Takuma’s drive was even more impressive than Lewis’, but we don’t want to take away too much from Lewis’ great victory

Alex Wurz - A very lucky man with his one stop strategy, but fortune favours the brave doesn’t it? Well done to him and Williams!

Kimi Raikkonen - Slow and steady doesn’t win the race.. but did well to keep Fernando behind him at several points in the race.

Felipe Massa - Tough day at the Ferrari office. That penalty was too harsh though. I know it’s a fundamental rule but it felt wrong when they gave Juan Pablo Montoya the same penalty a few years ago and it feels just as wrong today. Why does this only seem to happen in Canada?? I think the rules need to be made more simple - why not just leave the pits open all the time?

Giancarlo Fisichella - Also hard-done by the pit / safety car rules Otherwise a good drive for Renault.

Heikki Kovalainen - Nice to see Heikki get some points, especially after his difficult Saturday.

Nick Heidfeld - Another strong performance. Wish he’s shave that beard off though

may the force be with you

buzz it!

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