Kimi - I can still win title

Kimi Raikkonen says he can still very much win the 2007 drivers' championship despite slipping 15 points behind leader Fernando Alonso after a dismal Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

"We're fourth in the championship and fifteen points behind the leaders," Raikkonen wrote on his official web site. "The gap isn't that big and my position isn't that miserable, not at all. A couple of good races for us and a couple of bad ones for the competitors and the whole situation will look totally different."

"If we would be fifteen points behind and there were only two races to go, my fight for the championship would be over," he added. "But there are still 12 races to go, so fifteen points gap is not that big."

"the last two results have not been good for me, however I'm still very much in with a chance of fighting for the championship," Raikkonen went on. "I'll do my best to finish and win as many races as possible and we'll see at the end of the year where we end up."

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